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How Is Original Tussar Sarees Made?
How Is Original Tussar Sarees Made?
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1. Buy of Silk Yarn



a. Her yarn is very important there are many countries that manufacture silk yarn some of them are Brazil. But the raw silk made in India is very good in quality.



b. In Raw Silk Yarn " " is the best company for buying raw silk.



c. There are many sizes in the yarn also which ranges from "20-22D" , "27-29D" , 40-44D etc.



d. This depends on the weight of the fabric / Saree



2. Winding of Crepe Silk Saree Yarn from hank to bobbin



a. Here the yarn is transferred from hank to bobbin which is process can be see at " " " "



3. Twisting of Yarn



a. In Twisting the yarn is twisted as per the quality of the fabric that they want to manufacture.



b. The twisting is very lengthy process where it takes many days to complete the twisting process



4. Warping



a. Here the yarn is transferred to bobbin and taken to warping .



b. Warping is the process where they put many threads horizontally which are then moved to the manufacturing of Silk



c. The warping is done terms of meter 200 which is based on the number of saree or fabric in which the order are received



5. Weaving



a. The waving is the process where they also call is weft.



b. The production weaving takes place based on the speed of power loom



c. The speed is based on the weft pick which ranges from 58 per minute that’s ideal speed of the loom which is running pure silk.



6. Production



a. The per day production is depends on the pick of the loom and working hour .



b. The final finished product is still be completed in which there are still many stages are there which are still to be discussed which I will tell you In the next post



7. Final Finished products



a. After the full above stages the fabric and Original Pure Tabby Silk Fabrics sarees are moved to further processing to



b. Dying



c. Printing



d. Embroidery



e. Hand Original Pure Taffeta Silk Sarees Work , etc





For more information visit the Author at Banaras Silk



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